Microdrive/CF Card IDE Internal Adaptor


Do you spend too much time in writing files to MP3 player?

Or reading photos from digital camera?


- Provides easy and very fast data transfer between your PC and CF cards or IBM Microdrive memory cards.

- 10 times faster than parallel interface and 4 times faster than USB interface.

- Be used as platform for devices including MP3 player, digital camera, PDA, etc.

- Installs simply like a floppy drive in your PC.

- Fix it into a 3.5" drive bay and connect to available IDE connector by IDE flat cable.

- No driver is necessary. The OS will recognize it as additional hard disk drive.

- Support CF cards type I & II, and IBM Microdrive memory cards.

- Comes with full instructions manual.


IDE/CF Internal Drive


Brand New


Portable Storages

Your CF cards and Microdrives become high-capacity in the world's smallest

portable storages by working together with the IDE internal adaptors !


Building Trust in Transactions (sm)




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  • US21.95



  • One year warranty through manufacturer


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